History of Tokoroa City Lions Club

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The Seventies

The organisational meeting or formation night for this club was held on Tuesday 16th November 1976 at the Timberlands Motor Hotel. Tokoroa Lions Club called the meeting due to the fact that their membership numbers were becoming too large to handle effectively. President Bernie O'Sullivan (recently deceased) saw the opportunity to form a new club in Tokoroa. Officers selected that night were: President Jim Hassall, Secretary – Phil Jackson, Treasurer - Ron Murray. Nine other positions were also filled that night The choice of a club name was well discussed. At the time a population census was due to be held and the town folk were sure that the magic population number of 20,000 was going to be reached. As a result the use of "City" was finally adopted. The fact that the town never reached this goal


The Early Eighties

This was a busy period for City Lions. Lake Moana Nui projects began with the installation of a weir and "beach" below the Cossy club, a large retaining wall, and then annual stints with the lake edge retainers on the main lake. The senior citizen's Centre was constructed in 1980 and our first firewood delivery commenced in .1981. A tennis court and fencing was completed at Hodderville Boy's Home in 1982. One of the first town seats was erected in memory of the late Bob Millar. A real asset for the town was the formation of the Cherry Garden adjacent to Radio Forestland. In 1984 we completed what was perhaps our most demanding project with installation of a large hothouse structure over the pool at the Tamariki School. The twinning exchange project with Mt Stuart Townsville Lions was secured with our first exchangee Bronwyn Hassall in 1985. The Tokoroa Pakeke Lions Club which continues to thrive today was formed in 1982 with our sponsorship.

The Late Eighties

Club members were busy in 1986 among other tasks promoting the district convention to be hosted by our club in February 1987 which was attended by the then International President, Stan Akestam. Other projects included lining the A&P Association building, painting the Candy Floss Caravan in Lions colours, completion of the Tamariki Pool project, refurbishing of pontoons and their placement back into the lake (along with a certain member's truck). Farewells were made to many members in this era - moving on to other districts as the winds of change began to gather over Kinleith and consequently over the town. Norm & Shirley Holden moved on to world adventures, the Bean's to Ohope (after they won the Xmas Raffle), the Moss's to Hamilton the Sargent's to Waihi, the Miller's and Lang's to Whangamata and the Farrow's to the Bay of Plenty. Adrian Reid, Rima Teao Jr, Natalie Mateer, and Lauren Korte


The Nineties

The club planned for and raised (with the assistance of others) $150,000 to send a local lad to Brisbane for a liver transplant. This massive undertaking was achieved in three months. In July 1991 City Lions sponsored their second club - the Tokoroa District Lioness Club which, because of changes of direction within Lions International, became the Tokoroa District Lions club some ten months later. The club continued to grow and develop over the years. There was a steady growth in membership and a number of new and major projects were undertaken. Among these have been the information Kiosk construction, the Cancer Hostel Appeal, Air Ambulance Appeal, Camp Quality Caper, and the Heated Pool (Chips) project. An annual charity cycle ride was established and the club took over the organisation of the Xmas Float Parade. These were in addition to the club's long standing projects such as firewood, show gate manning,


The Recent Years

Our club has changed as it reaches a quarter century of service. The annual projects like the A&P gates, candy floss, Braille Collections, Pensioner firewood, and Christmas Raffle are as strong as ever. Others like the Charity Bike Ride and Christmas Parade (with Tangs) are both popular and highly successful events. The big changes were opening up our membership to women, recycling some of our old Presidents, and generally being a lot more sensitive to Member and family needs. We even found time to change venues back to the Tokoroa Club, and change some old smoking habits! Newer ventures include trivial pursuits, stock taking for club funds, and painting everything from houses to bridges. Who will ever forget Lion Ian Reid getting more paint on himself than on the project in hand, or Lion Bob painting "Hello" on his roof for passing aeroplanes to see? The top community project over this period would probably have to be the purchase of three "Lifepak 12 Defibrillators" by all six district Lions Clubs. The Millenium changes have been good for our precious Lions club, and we can look forward with some confidence to the years ahead.

Latest Office Holders

2017/18 Tony Williams
2016/17 Dexter Morgan
2015/16 Jonno Davy
2014/15 Catherine Groos
2013/14 Richard Nelson
2012/13 Jon Welch

2017/18 Sandra Wilson
2016/17 Sandra Wilson
2015/16 Bob Ennion
2014/15 Bob Ennion
2013/14 Catherine Groos
2012/13 Catherine Groos

2017/18 Antonio Ganz
2016/17 Antonio Ganz
2015/16 Mick Jones
2014/15 Mick Jones
2013/14 Mick Jones
2012/13 Dexter Morgan